Terma & Syarat

Baca yang berikut secara keseluruhannya sebelum melakukan pembelian dan/atau menggunakan sebarang maklumat di halaman web ini dan/atau bagi mereka yang menyertai program affiliate "Mesin ATM Anda". Terma dan syarat berikut adalah di dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Anda bertanggungjawab penuh bagi mendapatkan bantuan guaman professional dalam memahami penuh terma dan syarat di bawah sebelum melakukan sebarang pembelian buku panduan dan/atau menggunakan apa-apa maklumat di halaman web ini dan/atau sebelum menyertai program affiliate "Rahsia Uber".

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4. Earnings

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5. Refund Policy

As explained in the Site, the purchase comes with a full 90-days money-back guarantee with the terms and conditions as follows :

(i) the guarantee is valid ONLY where the purchase has been made by you as the manual is solely intended for that person alone. Any refund requests needs to include a statement/attestation that you, as the purchaser, bought this manual in good faith;

(ii) to obtain a refund you must first return the manual and any printouts to RahsiaUber.com, copies or parts of it as well as all the downloading URLs and all access to it in it's original condition without any damage whatsoever. Your refund request must include an attestation to the fact and if at the time we find ANY evidence that your attestation is false (whether intentionally or not) the refund request will be declined and you will have permanently forfeited your right to a refund;

(iii) this refund is ONLY valid if you refund within 90-days of receipt of manual and when RahsiaUber.com receives back the manual within 90-days of receipt of the manual by you;

(iv) by requesting a refund and attesting to the above you agree to a liability of irreparable damage toward the RahsiaUber.com should it later be found that you've kept copies or parts of the manual or given these to third parties. This liability stands even without a refund request, of course, as it is part of the copyright and license of the information product;

(vii) to have a right for a refund you must attest that you've adhered to the copyright limitations of this information product and not given any copies or any parts to ANY third parties;

(viii) this refund right is not intended as an opportunity to view the information within the manual for free.

Do NOT proceed to view this manual unless you are genuinely interested in its subject matter and intend to evaluate ways to achieve better control over your finances and achieve financial freedom.

You must provide evidence that you have tried all the methods explained in the product. The signs of frivolent refund requests are very specific within the information industry and if we find those signs present in your request it may be refused on the basis that you misused the money-back guarantee to obtain the materials for free, thus intending to acquire benefit with deceipt aforethought;

(ix) your original purchase must have been made in your own name and in your refund request you must include the date of your original purchase, the name and website membership ID given by us to you; and

(x) all processing fees, packaging costs, posting and delivery costs and all other related expenses incurred in the process of delivering the manual to you will be deducted from the refund to you.

We do not consult clients on the correct format of refund requests other than make this page available. It is up to you to ensure your refund request confirms with these above points from the onset and if it doesn't, your request will be rejected. All decisions of rejection are final. We apologise for the need for these specific terms for refund right, request and processing of refunds. These measures are unfortunately necessary because some rare individuals have misused our refund policies in order to acquire free manuals. The 60-day 100% money-back guarantee means what it says as long as you purchase the manual with full intention of using it and, in case you are truly dissatisfied, file your refund request according to the simple points above.

6. Affiliate Program

(i) Term Of Agreement

The term of this Agreement will begin upon the RahsiaUber.com's acceptance of the Affiliate and will end when terminated by either party. Either the Affiliate or the RahsiaUber.com may terminate this Agreement, at any time, and for any reason by giving the other party written Notice of Termination. Upon termination, the Affiliate agrees to immediately cease using, and remove from their Promotions, Website, all link materials, trademarks, logos, and all other materials that theRahsiaUber.com may have provided the Affiliate to use in connection with the Program.

(ii) Referral Commissions

RahsiaUber.com agrees to pay referral commissions in the sum of Ringgit Malaysia Forty Only on confirmed referral sales only. Confirmed sales shall mean successful transaction which results to RahsiaUber.com receiving the transaction from the purchaser of the manual within a reasonable time. If RahsiaUber.com finds that the transacting sale is not received within reasonable time,RahsiaUber.com has the right to withhold those payments until that transaction has been cleared by the purchaser. This includes but not limited to clearing of cheques, money orders, postal orders, Paypal transactions and more. Any refunds by the purchaser of the manual will result to commissions being rejected by RahsiaUber.com.

(iii) Payment Terms

Payment Frequency - RahsiaUber.com agrees to pay the Affiliate within FIVE (5) days after the end of each payment period for all confirmed referral commissions earned during the prior 2 weeks, less any amount RahsiaUber.com determines in its sole discretion, was not validly earned from improper use of the Program. Commission shall be calculated from 0800 Monday to 0759 Monday two weeks after that.

Payment Method - RahsiaUber.com agrees to pay the Affiliate via direct bank-in to the Affiliate's bank account. The Affiliate is responsible to provide RahsiaUber.com his/her bank account details via form submission during affiliate registration. Any bank charges will be deducted from the Affiliate's outgoing payments. The Affiliate is responsible in informing RahsiaUber.com of any changes to the banking details. In the event that the Affiliate fails to provide these details,RahsiaUber.com will with- hold those funds until the next payment cycle. RahsiaUber.com also reserves the right to pay the Affiliate via any other means at its sole discretion.

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Any SPAM complaints and abuses must be reported to abuse@RahsiaUber.com for further action to be taken.

9. Others

If any provision of this agreement shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions. This is the entire agreement between the parties relating to the matters contained herein.

Penafian Pendapatan

Setiap usaha telah dibuat untuk mempersembahkan produk ini dan potensinya secara tepat. Walaupun industri ini merupakan salah satu dari segelintir di mana seseorang boleh menulis cek sendiri dari segi pendapatan, tiada jaminan bahawa anda akan memperoleh wang menggunakan teknik dan idea terkandung dalam bahan-bahan yang ditawarkan. Contoh-contoh yang disebut dalam bahan tersebut tidak boleh ditakrifkan sebagai suatu janji atau jaminan pendapatan. Potensi pendapatan bergantung sepenuhnya kepada pengguna produk, idea dan teknik kami. Kami tidak bermaksud untuk menonjolkannya sebagai suatu "skim cepat kaya".

Sebarang dakwaan yang dibuat mengenai pendapatan sebenar atau contoh keputusan sebenar boleh ditentusahkan mengikut permintaan. Tahap kejayaan anda dalam memperoleh keputusan yang didakwa dalam bahan kami berhantung kepada masa yang anda luangkan untuk program, idea dan teknik yang disebut, dan juga kepada kewangan, pengetahuan dan kepelbagaian kemahiran anda. Oleh kerana faktor-faktor ini berbeza-beza menurut orang perseorangan, kami tidak dapat menjamin kejayaan anda mahupun tahap pendapatan anda. Kami juga tidak bertanggungjawab ke atas sebarang tindakan anda.

Bahan-bahan dalam produk dan laman web kami mungkin mengandungi maklumat yang meliputi atau berdasarkan kenyataan optimis terkandung dalam maksud Akta Pembaharuan Litigasi Sekuriti Persendirian 1995. Kenyataan optimis menggambarkan jangkaan atau ramalan kami mengenai kejadian masa akan datang. Anda boleh mengenal pasti kenyataan sebegini dengan menyedari hakikat bahawa ia tidak berkaitan dengan sebarang kejadian bersejarah mahupun kejadian terkini. Ia menggunakan perkataan seperti 'menjangka', 'menganggar', 'menjangka', 'mengunjur', 'berniat', 'merancang', 'percaya', dan perkataan serta istilah lain yang mempunyai maksud yang sama berkaitan dengan penjelasan pendapatan berpotensi atau prestasi kewangan. Penyata pendapatan dalam website ini bukanlah mengambarkan keuntungan 100% dari hasil menggunakan formula RahsiaUber. Ia adalah akaun bank umum pemilik dan digunakan untuk berbagai transaksi.

Sebarang dan semua kenyataan optimis di sini atau pada sebarang bahan jualan kami adalah bertujuan untuk meluahkan pendapat kami mengenai potensi pendapatan. Pelbagai faktor penting dalam menentukan keputusan sebenar anda dan tiada jaminan diberi bahawa anda akan memperoleh hasil yang sama seperti kami atau orang lain. Malahan, tiada jaminan dibuat bahawa anda akan memperoleh sebarang hasil dari idea dan teknik yang terkandung dalam bahan produk kami. Sebarang testimoni dalam web ini bukanlah milik peribadi RahsiaUber.com, ia adalah sumber benar dari program yang berkaitan.

Kenyataan yang berpandangan ke hadapan adalah tertakluk kepada risiko dan ketidak tentuan, yang boleh menyebabkan keputusan sebenar untuk berbeza daripada segi material daripada yang disasar atau yang tersirat di dalam kenyataan yang berpandangan ke hadapan itu.