Suffice it to say, I went a decade without the thought of white men or Asian fetish even crossing my mind.

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He just might have an Asian fetish. I was impressed.

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Even as I forayed into dating this boy, I was put off by much of what he said. And so I learned to think of all Asians as less desirable and to be turned off by people who were turned on by me.

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I mean what are you? I was busy trying to be a progressive, independent woman and an Asian fetish boyfriend did not fit the bill. Just look at the funny Charisma Man comic below click to enlarge.

As I said it, the truth of the words hit me.

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I was born in Canada and can speak French. They might not think you're husband material yetbut they will like you more if you eat.

These stereotypes hurt Asian men—and Asian women

I've only ever dated one Asian man, and we were teenagers at the time — but it's certainly not because I find Asian men undesirable, or that I felt controlled by men.

Go to permalink The Asian fetish. Nothing wrong with that! Asian guys are taught by their traditional parents that in order for them to meet the right person, you must already be a successful individual with a lot to offer.

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I brought up the comment later on the car ride home. Bumble: Full of white guys.

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Keep her on her toes and you will keep her hooked. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. The issue is really a lot more complex that one would think, and deserves a closer look. I learned to think of all Asians as less desirable and to be turned off by people who were turned on by me.

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On a vacation to Virginia Beach, a homeless man high-fived my boyfriend and asked him, without ever looking at me, what it was like to sleep with an Asian girl. How demeaning is that? Growing up in Taiwan, most of my Asian peers were much more engrossed in their studies and into mainstream culture than going to punk concerts, watching experimental film, and dressing up like Marie Antoinette.

My first thoughts about Justin had been wrong.

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For me, it hits close to home. As I spent more time with my elders and became more comfortable in my own skin, I became more and more proud of my Chinese roots. Caucasian guys are told they are going to meet a lot of people first before finding the right one. What have been your experiences on dating apps?

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A common conception is this: The appeal of Asian women for Western men largely lies in the fantasy-indulging experience that engenders a feeling of dominance and masculinity which is lacking, or perhaps even threatened, in their own culture.

Growing up, I was surrounded by white people—in school, on TV, in magazines and in advertisements. He preferred women without make-up, but I have sparse eyebrows and monolids, like a lot of Asian women, which means I usually need a little more eye makeup than most. This post originally appeared on Not Your China Girl.

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